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Lookup purchase, refund and send receipt.

Both support and the operators at Eleven get between 3-7 calls per day of guests not recognizing charges and/or needing receipts. Currently, the process is very laborious to find the record and send the receipt. First, if you aren't sure whether it is GC, MFD or OS, then you need to run the CC transaction report to find it. However, from there, you can't run a refund so you use what you learn to then go into the appropriate specific report (BC Sessions, User Accounts, etc.). Once there, you click into the session and then you need to save it to PDF, but you need to only save that frame so the rest of the menu bars, etc. don't show, or you need to do a screen capture and send a jpeg to them. 

We'd like a feature where under support, there is a receipt/lookup item, and from there, you simply enter the search information and when you find the account, it shows what it was for, where it was used, etc., and there is a Send Receipt button, where you enter an email address and it emails a proper receipt. 

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  • Apr 18 2014
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