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Add timezones to timestamps on server-generated 'notes'

I had an issue with the Hedonism resort where they thought accounts were expiring three hours early. What had happened is they switched their org to EST. So the date created as well as the lifetime of the plans was in EST. Then when 11os expired the plan, it timestamped it as three hours earlier, but no timezone.

I figured out this was because our servers default to PST, but it was confusing to the customer. Therefore, I propose one of two possible upgrades:


1. Preferable but probably harder, make it so when an org changes timezones, all times are displayed in that timezone.

2. Probably easier, still acceptable, make our server list a timezone when it posts events, to eliminate this confusion.

  • Jason Weitz
  • Jan 2 2015
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  • Admin
    Eric Sullender commented
    January 7, 2015 21:18


    Is this in the auto-generated 'notes' field of the account that you're saying we need to add timezones? We've tried to put timezones almost everywhere (reports, data feeds, etc) but it is possible we missed some spots.  

  • Jason Weitz commented
    January 7, 2015 21:25

    Yes it is. See attachment.