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Post-stay HSIA customer satisfaction surveys

Here are the details:


1-      When we do a portal authorization for a guest on OS, we could add at the property’s request an option like “add your email if you wish to let us know how was your Internet experience” (think here is the key issue where we ask for customer information)

2-      The guest receives an email, fills a quick survey, gets a thank you email and maybe a reward/points as a thank you

3-      We compile & manage results, and provide the property/brand info to address unspoken complaints to enhance loyalty/satisfaction, before the reviews hit TripAdvisor & other sites hopefully

a.       We could expand this into other spaces of guest satisfaction if we see opportunity

4-      This feeds into our future BI offering with data which can be monetized (if we have 7 million devices connecting per month with 2.75 devices per guest, this means 2.5M guests or so which can fill this)


We may end up rising above the MSP relationships  to get exposure to the brands/owners, position ourselves as thought leaders.

  • Eric Sullender
  • Nov 6 2014
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