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Conference services Vanity SSID's config add ons

Dustin from Windstream put in a feature request to me about some setting that do not get changed when creating vanity SSID's

**From Dustin**

1.Band balancing is being disabled. I don’t see any reason for this to be disabled by default.

2.Inactivity Timeout is set to 5 minutes. This should be set to at least 180 minutes. When set to 5 minutes, Apple devices will have connectivity issues.

3.WPA-Mixed – WPA2/AES is preferred as WPA2 performs better than WPA mixed.

4. Max clients is set to 100 and they would like to be able to make this 500

5.OFDM only /BSS minrate are not being set.

Most of these can be done in the zone director itself but it looks like he is inquiring whether we can make these configurable via conference services.

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  • Apr 28 2017
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    Eric Sullender commented
    May 3, 2017 23:48

    We've found that  a number of these options are not settable via the SNMP MiBs we use on the ZoneDirector. We have a feature request into Ruckus to address this (FR-2515).  Once the MiBs become available we will set default values for these parameters. Here are some of the settings that have been requested to be set by default:

    • Support for 802.11d enabled
    • Ofdm-only
    • BSS minrate 5.5
    • Terminate idle user session after 180 minutes of activity